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Well, maybe all is not lost for me.


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Hi to all,

I'm 18 y/o guy.

I've dated a few girls.

I've done a few sexual things with girls, BUT...

I still have not had intercouse with any girl.

I'm not shy, i can talk about lots of stuff with girls and they seem to like me, like a kid brother.

I've been told I'm the boy next door type. 6-1, 160lbs, blond hair, blue eyes, clean cut, college freshman,but, and there is a tiny but,

yes, you guessed it, i not considered a "man" enough down there. My small size is due to a few things, one of which was being a premie baby.

well anyway. "I've been teased and I've been tossed around by every she-rat in this town" That's from the Stones song "Monkey man.

So there it is.

What next? I haven't developed the confidence in that earea yet.

OK, I spoke way too much.

Peace and good luck to everyone!

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Well you're only 18 so that's not a problem. The size thing is going to be a crap shoot. Hopefully the girls you meet won't be the cruel kind. There does seem to be a lot of them at that age range unfortunately. You seem like the kind of guy girls would be attracted to so just give it a shot and see how it goes.

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