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My name is Shelly. I am 41 years of age and live alone

I suffer with schizophrenia since the age of 18.

I have lots of hobbies.

Right now I have had a lot of issues with anxiety.

I attend college 2 and a half days a week which actually helps my condition.

I would like to have penpals for friendship and support.

[e-mail address removed]

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e-mail address removed for safety reasons
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Hi, Shelly, welcome! :)

You may communicate here, on this site, by private messages (PM, invisible to everybody except you and the recipient) and in those you may share your e-mail address with the person you choose to trust. However, posting your address publicly on the web is risky because you may begin to receive lots of spam and perhaps some other unwanted messages.

How do you feel about communicating with more people on the forum and then, when knowing each other a bit, choosing somebody of them willing to be penpals? This is the way I've found some "pen-friends", too, BTW.

I'm sorry you have those anxiety issues :(. Has something happened that triggered them? What do you do to deal with the anxiety? Have you searched for some techniques that could alleviate it (like relaxation techniques, meditation, changes in lifestyle, ...)?

What are your hobbies, what do you study? (Of course, just share what you're comfortable sharing! ;))

Take care!

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