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Hello I am new here


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Its nice to see a forum for this kind of thing, I know that everyone suffers from mental health issues from time to time but when you actually experience these emotions yourself you feel abnormal and alone. I am still in my teens and I'm just looking to learn more about myself and hopefully get some advice from some older people who atleast know more than I do.

Personally I suffer from a large amount of OCD and sometimes get very paranoid especially when it comes to things like doors locks, whether I will get caught for doing something very minor etc.

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Welcome to our community, Jman. :)

It's positive you want to learn more about yourself. Having good self-awareness offers us a space to learn to take better care of ourselves. It's good to reach out for support too when you need to.

Try, if you can, to not focus too much on your thoughts. If possible, let them come and go without attaching to them. I understand that's easier said than done. Do you do anything to help relax you?

I hear you about feeling abnormal and alone. Those are difficult feelings to deal with. :( Is there anyone there with you who you can confide in? We're here listening. You aren't alone.

Take care.

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