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I can say that God was very nice,humble he gave me everything.i am so thankful to him.Everyday I feel very bad,I wanna stay home and cry and Imagine that this is a fale universe..I really wish that a car hits me and I die.I tried a lot of times to kill myself but dis not suceed.One of the main reasons is because I think for my parents,my father he is the mos beautiful person in the world.My mother.I am 22 and besides I have everything I feel miserable.I really think that my larents would be happier without me.I just am afraid they will suffer in that moment.I dont deserve my parents.I feel joy only when I help others.Sometimes I want to go far away or dissapear.

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Welcome to our community, Yllka.

I'm sorry you're in so much pain. :( I hear your sadness. Do you have someone close by who you can share with? A friend or family member? Do you have a therapist to reach out to? I'm here listening. There are people out there who care.

You mention that you enjoy helping others. Empathy is a wonderful quality. This is a beautiful gift. Are you able to connect with this and feel your light? It may be difficult right now, I understand.

Would it help to express yourself more? Sending love and care to you.

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So sorry you're feeling empty. :( Can you do something to get your endorphins going? Listening to music, walking, writing, journaling, reading, exercise, meditation, or any other activity that you like might bring some moments of comfort.

I love helping others too, Yllka. I guess in part because when I do I am able to get in touch with my own kindness and giving parts and that feels good. I don't know how to help sometimes either. I think, though, that just being ourselves and being with a person can be helpful. I hope so, anyway. If you try to connect with your own light, it can feel self-connective and comforting too.

I hope you feel better. Take care of yourself, Yllka.

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