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After all this worrying ... I now have something to really worry about

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Looks like one of my nuts has gone rogue.

Been having pain for a while but I was too bloody busy worrying about imaginary problems to realise that it could be serious ... always thought id twisted a nut or something.

Noticed one of my nuts is looking a bit bigger than the other but dismissed it as "by design"

Today I pulled my head out of my arse and had a good feel around and ... Boom big f#@king lump on nut, felt a bit more Boom another one. Called wife up to have a feel she had a root and the colour drained out of her face and she looked ill and she confirmed ... I have fucking lumps on one of my balls.

Cysts hopefully, but the size difference between them and pain in the affected one makes me think it could be a bit more sinister,

Lifes a bitch

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Sounds stressful, SP. :( Definitely something to get checked out by a doctor right away. If you can, try not to let your mind run with the possibilities before you have any definitive answers. I understand that is easy to say and not so easy to do. I'm sorry you're going through this. :( I hope it turns out to be nothing serious. Wishing you good health and wellness.

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Your going to the doctor right given the area it could be something worse and should be checked out ASAP. I am sure you already know all this. A cyst can just just as painful to get rid of, have you tried draining it by chance?

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