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Hello all,

Been reading the forums a while, this is my first post. I wanted to tell my story.

From what I read, a lot of people carry hopelessness and despair with them. I get that. When you're on the wrong side of the bell curve, things can get difficult. But I want to share my journey, the anxiety, the sadness. I've wallowed over my burdens for far too long. I've mulled over my pain time after time and I'm a point where I can move past it.

Life with a small penis hasn't been easy. In the end I have found that there is hope.

First, my vitals: 5' 7", currently 150lbs and Asian. At one point I was 107lbs. I was a stick. And my barely 5 inch erect penis didn't help my stature much. I guess the package matched the goods.

Here's the truth -- I never thought I had a small penis until I met the person I'm currently with. My wife. By no direct fault of her own, however. Let me explain.

The first woman I was with -- we've all probably heard it -- I got the dreaded "is it in?" We had a six month relationship until she cheated on me.

I thought things were great. Sex was good, relationship was budding. I guess I thought wrong.

Next woman I was with -- we've all probably heard it -- again I got the "is it in?" spiel. We had a four month relationship until she cheated on me.

I thought things were great. Sex was good, relationship was budding. I guess I thought wrong. Again. Penis size never came up in any discussion.

The pattern didn't end. As I got older, the length of relationships got shorter. All the while, I never thought to myself that I had a small penis. It never occurred to me that was the reason. A reason, at least.

I blame my naive nature, but because of my ignorance, I still pursued. I still chased every girl I wanted because that's what I thought I deserved. I saw something and I went after it. Rejection, humiliation all be damned. I still went after it.

Finally, I look back seven years ago and I think about when I first met the girl of my dreams. It finally happened! I found someone I could not only be happy with, but I could satisfy in bed.

Until a year later she subtly quipped "I wonder if George Clooney has a big penis?"

What? Like all my other relationships, penis size never entered any sort of conversation.

Then I realize her sisters' husband had a giant dick. Allegedly. A 6' 3" man with an above average penis? Who would've thought...

More micro-inequities were made more apparent as time went on. "Look at that guy on TV. He' so small" "I bet Bradly Cooper's member is huge" "You know, I think your height correlates to penis size"

All the while penis size in the bed still never came up.

Look, guys. I may have been naive in the past but I'm no longer naive. It all came down to this one notion -- I didn't care about my penis size. I still don't. But as far as I know, everyone else did. So why should I start?

If you gain confidence and gusto, people will be gravitated to you. If you earn respect you will be respected. If you care for people you will find compassion.

Society thinks it's fine to make fun of a small penis, but it's not socially acceptable to make fun of a woman with small breasts. It's not fair, but that's life. That's the state of the game.

I've been naive my whole life until recently. It hurts when people talk about size, not just penis length, but height, weight. I'm a shrimp. But I don't care! I love who I am. I love who I've become.

Give the finger to anyone else who thinks different. Chase your passions. Run towards your dreams.

There is hope.

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I remember back in the 1970s when the sexual revolution was being sold to the American public, you would have these self styled sex experts / therapists women come on talk shows & pseudo news shows and invariably the question "does size matter" would arise followed by the stock answer "of no of course not" and even as a boy of 10-11 years i recall feeling very skeptical.

That said I agree that it should not ruin ones entire life. There is one guy that I see on TV had his arms & legs blown off in the war and his whole face & head badly burned & he has a lovely wife & runs a successful business. Attitude does matter.

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I agree with your subject that there is hope for us all. If we can love ourselves and be happy with our bodies, our small penises will not hold us back from anything.

I can also see where dvnj22 is coming from. I came in here expecting to read a success story, and was left wanting. I am 100% certain that there are plenty of success stories out there about men with empirically small penises that have lived happy and successful lives and who fullfill all of their partners' sexual desires. I think the problem is that the stigma attached to having a below average penis prevents this kind of stuff from spreading in the public, and if someone is perfectly happy with their lives they will probably never find this website.

If I ever become a success, I won't forget about those who struggle with it and be sure to share it.

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A man of 5' 7" height and 150 pounds is really doing fine with a 5" penis, assuming it isn't extremely narrow, I suppose. If you do have the right attitude, I believe that your penis should not be an issue with too many women.

His attitude has nothing to do with it. A woman either finds a man's penis satisfying or she doesn't.

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His attitude has nothing to do with it. A woman either finds a man's penis satisfying or she doesn't.

I will grant you that probably every woman has a size limit, below which no amount of "attitude" will help. But his attitude can be a serious problem if he's overly fearful or apologetic about size. If he has a healthy confidence, his five inch penis will be all he needs. Five inches is not that small in the real world...it's just small in the porn world. I might have a fraction over five when I'm climaxing, and I have had no issues with women about my penis. All the issues I've had have been in my own head when I imagined that most guys had 6+ inches, or needed to to be sexually relevant.

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Yeah, a woman is going to have to make up her mind at some point whether she can have a long term sexual relationship that is satisfying with the size and shape of your penis, but the man's attitude about things absolutely has an effect on how attractive he is and how enjoyable a relationship with him is. Confidence and happiness matter just as much if not more than penis size. There are other ways to produce clittoral stimulation, and a majority of women do not orgasm from PIV sex, so your attitude towards her is pretty damn important.

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after re-reading your posts it strikes me you are similar in size to me (in that area) and have nearly the exact same 'naivety - rejection - realisation' experiences.

I'm not quite sure how 'hopeful' that is- other than I guess it means I'm not alone.

ps never once did the girls that left me cite size

pps well one GF made a comment about my small size but didnt subsequently list it as the reason for leaving me and one GF mentioned her angst about my size in her secret diary- but she vigourously denied its importance to my face…(because at that point I was no longer naive)

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