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is it just depression or do i have social phobia


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Im so confused just now

i want a job but i have really bad depression, anxiety, panic attacks and im sure i have social phobia

i have tried to sit through an interview but i shake sweat really bad get bad anxiety and i just want to get out there

i stopped going to classes in college it gets that bad i lock myself away in my room and don't even talk to family much

when in outside i feel like everyone is staring at me or following me or laughing at me and i cant breath so i just try to avoid getting into social situations

i have friends over the internet who i can talk to and hopefully build up the guts to meet them one dag but they are from Canada and America

even my old friends i struggle to talk to

my parents force me to go out

they don't know i hate socialising its really uncomfortable for me

my parents don't know anything about me they call me names because i cry

i just want it to end i cant do it anymore

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Welcome to our community, Eckky.

I'm sorry you're feeling so much sadness, anxiety, and distress. :( Do you have anyone there with you who you can comfortably share your feelings with? Is there a counselor at your college you might speak with? I understand that can be very difficult, especially if you are feeling this way, but a professional might be able to help you with the struggles you have been having.

I struggled some in the past with social anxiety. It helped me to come to understand that others are just as human as I am, imperfect with their own insecurities. Most people are thinking about their own stuff and aren't focused on judging us. Maybe it helps to challenge yourself socially in small steps? I'm so sorry your parents have not been supportive and have been calling you names. :( It's okay to cry when you feel sad, Eckky. Your feelings are all okay.

I hear you that life feels so hard right now. :( It may be difficult to see at this time, but things can change for the better. We're here to listen and support you.

Take care of yourself, Eckky.

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