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schizoid brother? what to do next?

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i think my brother shows relatively all symptoms of having a schizoid personality disorder ranging from lack of social engagement to lack of interest in having sexual experiences, always choosing to engage in solitary social activities, lack of friends etc....the textbook symptoms of a schizoid personality disorder. the thing is I was wondering if he could be exhibiting the most extreme level of the disorder as he has other vices that may also allude to having more than one disorder.....he also never leaves the house; well years ago he stopped leaving the house and spends most of his day in his room doing lord knows what as he does not like to interact with anybody in the household....he stopped talking to my father many years ago and then he hasn't said a word to me in about 10 years....a couple of months ago he stopped using light at night to perform any activity from going to the bathroom to cooking....he even stopped taking showers and other hygiene related activities at night and only does it during daylight hours to avoid using light....he spends an excessive amount of time brushing his teeth, taking a shower, washing dishes(his own; he spends on average a half an hour to wash a cup, a bowl, and a spoon and does so in the dark). don't know what to make of it or how to help him....me and my parents have tried in the past but to no avail as he staunchly avoids social interaction very extremely...any thoughts of what else he may have and what can we do to help him??

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Hello and welcome to the community.

It's difficult watching a loved one struggle. :( Your brothers' challenges sound quite extreme. :( A few questions come to mind. Do you feel he has the capacity to take care of himself? Is he living alone and independently? Is he willing to talk with a professional and seek out help?

Maybe you and your family could also benefit from counseling?

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I believe he does have the capacity to take care of himself...he did graduate from college, but that was years ago and the last time he ventured outside the home. Right now he lives with my parents and shows no interest in the outside world or anything remotely more than basic needs like eating and sleeping. We have tried professional help numerous times. The last time, they went to the home and he locked himself in his room and would not respond to anything they or my parents tried to do to get through to him. After that its like everyone stopped trying and just let him be because it seems impossible. Its pretty much the same story when we did actually try family counseling but with no outcome. Honestly I feel like giving up too and really starting to feel like I had no brother my whole life in the first place.

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James, that sounds so difficult. I'm sorry you're going through this. :(

Did anything happen in your brother's life that you know of that could have led to his current state of mind? Will he speak with anyone in the household? Does your family physician have any thoughts?

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