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Was the medication prescribed to you, aakbh? I'm no expert on medications, but I do think they need to be taken consistently and as prescribed in order to work properly. I would recommend being very careful to follow your doctor's prescription about dosage and call him/her if you have any questions.

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It can be very bad, dangerous, A., to take antidepressants only occasionally.

Moreover, they usually start to "take action" only in at least two weeks, sometimes much more, so if you just take some pills, you cannot even start to feel better. It could only discourage you by side-effects (which are worst in the beginning) and by the seeming "inefficiency".

You also need to be monitored by a professional while taking them - consulting the effects, taking right decisions about trying other medication etc.

Most of all, you need a "talk therapy" to help you to cope (while the med is working "on the biochemical level", you can get much better if you face your problems also "on the psychological level").

I hope you'll find a good therapist (on-line or in person) and a good psychiatrist soon. I know from my own experience that neglecting the problems and procrastinating with getting help can make things unnecessarily worse. I'm sorry it took you already about two years to decide for a change, but I know it's often very hard... Hard but possible to do and... mainly: worthy of the effort!

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