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Needing a lot of help..someone please!!


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Well please don't judge me, I am 15 turning 16 and very depressed, going through some stuff right now no negative comments please!! Well I had and esig and it fell out if my pocket so obviously my parents found out. My parents then searched my entire room at school and found two cig filters along with three beer cans, I did all of this while me bf and I broke up back in October, I was depressed not caring about myself so decide to try this stuff with random ppl in my school and was stupid enough to take it home and keep in my dresser. My bf and I got back together and have been dating for about a year. He isn't the best influence but he has a very tough life and I love him so much. But anyways my parents r so mad at me and they don't trust me and have grounded me taking away my esig which I said was my friends and not allowing me to see my bf because they found out that both of us used it my house in my basement. I am upset for she has said negative things about my bf not wanting to see him again and it hurts me a lot because we have been together for a long time and having no form of communication with hi other then school hurts a lot. I threaten to kill my self cut myself because of just not being happy and being depressed I need help/advice on how to get through this, how to feel happy and better, and most importantly make my parents like my bf again! I need help please!!!

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Welcome to the community, livelaughlove. :)

No worries about judgment; we're here to listen and support you. I'm sorry you are feeling so stressed and upset. :( All of us, at times, make choices we wish we hadn't made. It's part of being human.

Do you feel safe talking with your parents openly and honestly? Can you share with them as you have shared here with us? There is really no way to make them like your boyfriend, but open expression is one way to build trust.

...I need help/advice on how to get through this, how to feel happy and better...

It's good that you are thinking about how to take care of yourself. I would suggest reaching out to a trusted adult. It could be your parents or a family member or friend. Do you see a school counselor or therapist? It sounds as though the extra support could be helpful to you right now. Feel free to express yourself here as well. I hope you will be gentle with yourself. The teen years can be a challenging time and you are trying to find your way.

Take care.

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