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Kind of off topic, but is this forum being monitored by the government?


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Not meaning to be off topic from the specific discourse of this aspect of the forum, but I notice a lot of people, like me, seem to be suffering from pedophilia related-OCD. I am terrified that the government could be monitoring us, and even if they see stuff even remotely related to stuff like pedophilia that could constitute sufficient grounds for monitoring this forum. I was just wondering, I don't want to be arrested and then be sent to prison and have my life ruined just for expressing my OCD related fears.

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Well, the government (any government) has not asked to monitor this site. On the other hand, as things stand at the moment, they don't have to ask. Search engine robots index our site just like any other; after that, information here can be found the same way that it's found anywhere on the internet. It wouldn't take any special effort, in other words. And, honestly, that's probably how we would prefer it, otherwise how would anyone find us in the first place?

All of which means that it doesn't make sense to talk about crimes one may have committed. On the other hand, a given sexual attraction or a given mental health issue is not a crime. If being sick were against the law there would be a lot of full jails.

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