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I am quitting porn today, again

I dont know what should do differently to actually follow through this time.

But writing it down here is as start.

My plan is a follows

- I will not work on my personal computer

- IF I feel like I am going to slip, I immediately go to the gym instead

- If the urge comes and I cannot get to the gym, willdo push ups ad sit ups till I have no energy and passout..

-Tis porn is NOT taking over my life anymore

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You are a good person, nathan

Good people aren't good because they're perfect;

they're good because they see their imperfections and are willing to change.

Now, that said: it's not clear why porn is necessarily a problem in your case.

I don't look at porn because i'm married, and porn would be hurtful to my wife's feelings.

But if you're single, no woman is hurt by your porn use.

If you're not looking at child porn or snuff porn, who's being hurt?

Maybe no one?

Or am i missing something here?

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Porn is very bad for my mental health also. I used it as a torture.

While Nathan i think you can masturbate here and there. I for instance have days when i masturbate 3 days straight then abstinence for 7, then masturbation. You can even masturbate everyday, just stay away from porn.

Quiting masturbation is harder than cigarettes or alcohol. You exist because your ancestors wanted to fuck everyday, and now there is you who don't want to masturbate.

Also practice meditation to gain more self control and don't beat yourself when you relapse.

Power to you!

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