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Just wanted to post some general words of encouragement to all by saying that I am feeling better in recent days and believe me if it can happen for me it can happen for anyone. How? Let me post some bullet points in no particular order:

Being positive & supportive with myself.

Getting centered & thinking constructively.

Getting busy, enjoying even small accomplishments.

Emphasizing good health in all it's aspects.

Having fun in non self-destructive ways.

Avoiding negativity about things I cannot effect.

Focusing my energy where it can yield result.

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I understand what say dvnJ22 & here is where I see it differently: if a person did not settle, if it was not the ghost but the actual 'what should be' I believe that negatively minded people would manage to twist the otherwise happy situation into, as you say, a downer.

You see this constantly in life, a guy or gal who "has it all" from the world's point of view and squandering it all through addiction or recklessness. Nothing can save someone from themselves.

On the other hand there are those w little worldly possessions or accomplishments that are always blissing out because of loving heart & a surrendered unattached mind.

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