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The World is Unfair to us guys with Small Penises


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I couldn't believe when I read through some of the feelings you are lost in.

My heart goes out to you; I mean I've felt what you're feeling.

If you're feeling down, then this is for you, read this to the end.

Let me first ask you,

who is the world fair to ?

not so smart guys?

short guys?

fat guys?

plain looking guys?

bald guys?

skinny guys?

asian guys?

guys with developmental issues, incurable genetic conditions, or who ended up physically impaired?

The thing is, when we are feeling like we have no options... we CAN'T EVEN SEE the options even when they are organised by topics into websites we could go search. We can't even think what those websites would be like, or how they would be any good to us.

Reading your posts you remind me of how I felt 10 years ago.

10 years ago as far as I was concerned I'd lost the love of my life at university, the friends I would never have again, and no one was telling me I was worth anything. I was a 'loser'.Back then I was fortunate not to be aware that I didn't have much of a penis either, else that is something else I could have beat myself up with.

The short version:

I've got a beautiful young woman that loves me;

the genuine love of my life. Will she love me forever? I can't guarantee that. Do I care? Yes, deeply. Does it trouble me? No. And I'll tell you why later in this post or in another thread.

For now what telling you is proof that if you choose courageously in life, THINGS GET BETTER

(but you have to quit feeding your self-pity, you have to be proactive, and you have to get out of your own way)

Why you should care

Because you are a human being like me. Probably younger, perhaps a bit older or quite a lot older, but so long as you are younger than 61 years of age there is time for you to find what I've found.

There is time for you realise that the Universe respects what is in your heart, when YOU respect what is in it too.

No you don't have to be religious or change your beliefs, you just have to follow the facts.

I'm 5'5" tall. Almost all the women I've been interested in have been taller; not difficult when you are in Europe and my height. My woman is 5+ inches taller than me.

I'm 10+ years older than her

"Oh so you're some kind of rich guy, guy with power, or player who takes advantage of younger women..." ...

NO : )

I did not attract her with my possessions or resources

I did not attract her with my social status

I did not attract her with my lifestyle (I'm not a DJ or some other extravagant thing)

I did not attract her with my model-like looks, though ppl do tend to like my looks, but I'd say that is more about presentation & knowing what counts in terms of body shape

Here's the kicker, she took literally my playful comments about my penis being exceptional as real, and she was expecting it to be at least above average. Sex was bland, for want of a better word for both of us. And she stomached the disappointment of my penis being so small.

We got over that expectation-shattering first encounter.


How is it that someone like her would hold an interest beyond the taller, more well hung, more unpredictable assholes that such a woman tend to draw to them?

I had the courage and faith to admire her and love her first.

Plus what I can do is communicate with women in a way that gives them emotions that they wish to be given. I don't mean I can dirty talk, i mean that I understand that women wish to feel:



listened to


and *claimed*

ideally by someone they can look up to. You don't really value being admired by someone who's opinion you don't rate right?


You know what a human being is? It is a unique mix of pathetic and the potentially heroic. All of us no matter how superman-like we may be in psychological, intellectual or physical strength or might, we all are imperfect and have an inadmirable pathetic side to us. It is what keeps us from being demi-gods, it is what ties us firmly to this imperfect existance. This Existance is imperfect, and it has to be, to allow every individual the genuine free choice between courage and fear, cruelty and love. If Existance were perfect then you would be perfectly loving, and perfectly courageous... that would negate so many possible choices... choice would not be open-ended...

So that is why we all get different starting points, different attributes, and the potential for different paths.


Now there is one thing left to consider...

Is it possible to have it all....? Or is it true that the mix of good and bad attributes is evenly distributed among everyone?

I don't think that if you add up a person's envious qualities and their less envious ones that everyone gets the same. This Existance is imperfect in every single unit. Meaning that some people get all the best cards. There are some people alive who got it all,

looks, sexual ability and appendages, strength, talents, health, loving wise parents, great girlfriends, friends, experiences... the whole package, the guy or girl that just stood out no matter what group of people surrounded them...

Have you realised though, that being such a person is like playing life on EASY MODE.

And when you play a game on EASY MODE, you are never really going to experience just how challenging the game can be.

You are never going to have to contend with the kind of Experience that someone playing on ULTIMATE MODE will get. You CANNOT, you can try and make it harder for yourself, but just as you cannot change who you are to make it easier... you cannot change to make it genuinely HARDER. You cannot become a master at Imperfect Existance by being the guy with all the EASY MODE options. And here is the thing I learned... women know this.

The most rounded guy with the biggest balls who played life like a master than I even knew, was not one of these dream-life model guys... they almost always came with an air of being incapable if they weren't in the ease that life had set them up with...

no the guy I looked up to was shorter than me... he also married and has children with someone a foot taller than him.

So what does this have to do with penises?

Let me again take the experience of a guy from the other extreme... are you guys aware that having an above average penis does not mean that women jump at you? The Penis Enlargement forums are full of guys who are stuck on getting their sense of self-esteem from their exceptionally large body part... where other areas of their self are lacking.

Self-esteem and our sense of self are complex and have more than one dimension to them: I know, I've studied this.


You can take any below average trait and beat yourself up. You can take any misfortune and focus on it endlessly. You can resent anything forever. I know how this feels I did them all... for years. It does nothing for you. It has been proven scientifically to impair your willpower. So nothing comes of it and it empowers you less... Mmm... might be worth investigating other ways to be if what you want is the best possible experiences for your life.


That is the other way to go. This time instead of over-focusing on what you have less relative to others, we now create a 'superiority-crutch' from one trait we have more of on average relative to others. This is what I see in many online forums about penis incrementation. Most of the guys who get very serious about this are well outside the range of those that genuinely need it.

How can I state this objectively? Simple, the global variation in size of the average vagina is 9 - 14cm

that is 3.5 to 5.5 inches (from Asia - Africa & South Am.)

So where are all those men with penises well outside those lengths going to get laid?

Here is the surprising but tragic truth... a lot of them are not getting laid... they are freaks. They bought into the idea that supremacy in dick size was some kind of passport to endless great sex... it isn't.


The kind of women that you like, liking you, and you working out which ones enjoy sex, is more the path to that result. Only a fifth of women enjoy the back of their vagina being hit during sex... so most of these guys will displease 80% of the women they try and push into as far as they can during sex... now if their girth is right... the woman will find it exciting... but if he's a dick and doesn't really care about her, and is no good to anyone... she would rather be with you... but...


If you haven't got yourself to where you are happy with you, no one else is going to do it for you.

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