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Please a Woman & Give Her Orgasms On 'Full Throttle' (great for small penis)


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Obviously you are not going to change a woman who operates like a 'size-queen' with this... but you would make her orgasm... so...(and less than 20 per cent of women are like that, as they are the ones who focus on having the head of the penis hit their Posterior Fornix: the PF is on the back wall of the vagina - the Cervix.

Most women find that not a route to orgasm but to discomfort).

How To Please A Woman Sexually & Give Her Orgasms On "Full Throttle"

(Great For Men With Small Penises)

Is your penis size important in sex and in giving her powerful orgasms? In other words, is a bigger penis better for sex? That seems to be the proverbial question that men have been asking since the dawn of civilization.

Well, what if I told you that your penis size is not a big deal after all? In fact, it is the worst among all "tools" you can bring to the bed!

Why is that so? Read on...

The Truth About Penis Size And Sex

Ask any woman who loves great sex and have experienced great sex. Chances are, she will tell you that the size of one's manhood does not feature much in how she enjoys the experience. So put aside that penis extender or male enhancement pills you have been popping all day! A big penis is a great asset to have, but the skills you bring to bed will be your defining moment during sex. Besides pumping in and out, what else can your penis do?

Do Casanovas And Don Juans Have Great Assets In Between Their Thighs?

The secret is out. No they don't! Even if a guy is small like a mosquito, he can still outperform any clueless lad with a much bigger "asset"! As long as you know how to please, pleasure and caress any woman properly, you can bring great sex to the bedroom, anytime anywhere! And believe me when I say that those Casonovas and Don Juans in the world are only average as far as their penis size goes.

The Myth About Penetration And Orgasm

Penetration is just about the only thing that happens during intercourse. Well, that is just what most guys think. When in the throes of pleasure, most men would focus only on themselves and pump away until they reach the inevitable goal - their own orgasm. But is your woman enjoying a great time too? Well, most probably not!

You see, women are incredibly different from guys. Women don't just live for the moment of orgasm. They relish the way they are brought to a climax. And the simple truth is this: The vast majority of women are not able to reach an orgasm though penetration alone simply because her clitoris - the nerve center of a woman's orgasm - is not properly stimulated via penetration. So your penis, big or small, does not figure much in triggering those incredible waves of pleasure in her.

So How Do I Give Her An Orgasm?

Simple! Just observe what SHE does when she stimulates herself (almost all women will reach orgasm through masturbation alone). Mimic the motions, the angles, the intensity she use on herself. Then use them on her!

Start Living For The Moment, Guys (whatever type of penis you have)

When it comes to great sex, take things SLOW. Don't use sex as a means to an end. Instead be a man who plans for the future BUT also live for the moment. Be a man who starts a night of lovemaking without considering his own orgasm, but focus on securing a body-shaking climax for his lady. This is the type of men women would gladly die for.

Now achieving that kind of body-shaking, wild-screaming orgasms that most women crave for, will depend on how you build up the sexual tension. Savor each stage of lovemaking as if each phase can bring her to an orgasm (indeed it can!).

Raw, passionate kissing that sets free a woman's sexual inhibitions can bring her right to the edge of a climax. And so can the great prelude to intercourse - foreplay. Even a good dose of oral sex can give her mind-boggling orgasms that leave her breathless.

The key is to live for the moment and don't let your focus waver away from her. Believe me, when you are able to do this, you will enjoy sex for its full glory and splendor, just like how a woman enjoys it. And when you finally reach your own orgasm, it will be more mind-blowing than anything else you have experienced before!

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By the stars! How great is the plague which affects men like a bane,

The plague which affects men who do not think with their brain.

Of how that which is between their legs they do not look beyond yonder,

For how they grieve and wallow in their states full of somber.

One must say to them, "fear not, for the end is not yet,"

For now, in these days, it is not time to fret!

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I think I see what you're saying. But being in union with the woman you love isn't about penises and pussies, or as you put it, 'of that which is between their legs', but all the same the mechanics of sexual intercourse are what they are.

And it is in realising this, and with this practical goal in mind, that this Thread has been posted.

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quoted from ba51th's link:


"My man is a large man, and he's good in bed, but even so

I've never achieved an orgasm from intercourse.

I get close but it just doesnt happen (and i dont blame him for it)...

But he makes me feel great when he does oral and can make me orgasm."

and another woman with a 'big' penis partner...

"...size is not the issue. He's big. But that's just not [all that matters] for me.

I would say that 98% of my orgasms have come from clitoral contact in some way.

I rarely have an orgasm solely from intercourse. I almost always require

clitoral stimulation, whether oral, with his fingers, or what is probably

my favorite move of hubby's... when he pulls his penis out of my vagina

and rubs the underside of his head directly on my clit."

The truth.

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but no women answer his question if women can live with a man who can only give orgasm from oral sex alone...

You can only take people's opinion on what they know ba51th.

As I wrote in another thread, and as these women reinforce here, most women are not satisfied from intercourse with their partner. This is not because of penises, this is because of a lack of ability to seduce.

Trust me on this - as it isn't going to be something you'll be able to confirm soon, but something almost like this happened to me - consider: if the hottest woman of your dreams just got naked and closed her eyes and only volunteered to say: 'Fuck me' before laying perfectly still... to some guys this would be a dream come true (particularly horny immature guys, or guys with a fetish for sleeping - or dare I say it for copulating with the dead) you may be able to get excited so many times, but in the end her lack of cooperation would put you off.

Well women are put off in a similar way by how they feel that men are seductively uncooperative. This is why 76% of women seek more cooperative or seductively engaging partners elsewhere.

If you mastered a level of seduction, to make women feel super-turned on, as they wish their men would turn them on... do you think she would then turn you down because of less penis than she expected?

Or do you think that she'd likely orgasm just from the torrent of natural sexual stimulants and fire going on in her head?

The truth: do some women panic if they don't get to feel you fill them? YES.. Some do. Some get off on the sight of a man-sized cock (not oversize, just around the volume you'd expect a man's to be)... and they WOULD seek to get this elsewhere. You may be ok with that. They still love you; but they'd like some usual sized cock too. Can you blame them? I think not entirely.

Do all women feel such a need ?

Allow me answer with a question that may answer your original one:

Are all women the same person?

That's the truth

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since none of them answer his question then the answer is yes... all women are same... they are all looking for cock that they can please with...and no... none of them okay to get orgasm by oral sex alone.

I don't mind to never had any vaginal intercourse, since I have small penis... women can make me cum in other way...

but what about women? is it okay for women to never had vaginal intercourse? so far... no women okay with it...

you want to prove that all women are not same?

show me a big famous community that full of straight women that prefer oral sex more than vaginal intercourse...

they don't love me if they seek someone else...

rather than post 4 times, it would make it easier for readers of the thread if you click edit if you want to add more to your original post ba51th.

love is a very complex thing. You don't own a person, so it is up to you what you are content with. Most women do seek out other sexual partners and when you read about sexual psychology you understand that evolution has encoded some very powerful drivers for women to seek out other partners; point is that isn't about penises being insufficient primarily but encoded female mating behaviour in our species (and many other primate species... but back on topic).

Why do I need to show you a big famous community? All people are not the same.

Women are people.

Therefore all women are not the same.

Very simple.

Moving on.

It doesn't matter if WOMEN IN GENERAL are ok with you or not ba51th it matters if the one you love is.

You don't need to get any number of women to be ok with you.

Listen: if you worked on being ok with yourself... tuned to your masculinity. If you had the courage to love first, and were clear on what kind of woman you wanted to be with in your heart... and worked on keeping things there and in expanding the pleasure and intimacy in your relationship - so much easier to do these days with every person sharing their expertise online, I've found some great materials on just about everything on sexuality and sexual union - it would all work out for you man.

I guarantee it

The Universe tests your faith. It doesn't fuck with you.

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Are you trying to start a porn site for women with an oral-focus?

Those women are out there.

Or are you trying to find your soul-mate? She is out there too.

Nice caps & font size... You into graphic design?

When someone is taking the time to listen to you sincerely, it is decent, and shows some class, to at least keep things sensible.

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"The Universe tests your faith. It doesn't fuck with you."

Your faith in what? Certainly the space aliens that put us here must have been bored or just plain cruel to play this joke on some men. To me that is "being fucked with" in the truest sense of the phrase. Look...everything was fine until the 1960's when the space aliens got bored and sent a few "hippies" to our "floating rock in space". That's when all this sex drugs and rock-n-roll and "sexual enlightenment" came into vogue. Thus began the decline of morality, culture, and let's be realistic, men being able to be men. We didn't have to be worried if our penis was too small or if the wife was cheating on you with Billy Bigcock down the street while you're at work and little Johnny and Jane are sitting at home with the electronic baby sitter pumping their minds full of perversion and filth. Marriage meant something before then. It was not an issue. Someone said in another thread that "the sexual liberation is not an enemy of those with small penises". I say Bovine Feces! to that. It's only going to get worse. Just look at the downward spiral the world is in. What was once perverted is now normal. Our children are exposed to moral poison every minute of every day. That is if their mothers don't kill them before they're born. Yes the universe DOES fuck with you.

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"The Universe tests your faith. It doesn't fuck with you."

Your faith in what?

Yes the universe DOES fuck with you.

No you are fucking with me : )

There's been pornography and debauchery in every era of mankind's existance.

The most concise observation on this, and the pathetic / potentially heroic state of the human condition was:

The line between good and evil runs right through every person's heart... and which person would have half their heart removed?

Life, Love, Being... isn't that obvious. If it were, there wouldn't be any scope for us to get lost in it, and everything would be a lot more predictable... and as you can't escape the implications of predictability.. also more boring.

Life really is what you have faith in to come to pass ( I don't mean in terms of physical things, I mean in terms of your experience, what is really invaluable the things physical possessions can't make happen for you). Thank you for reminding me of this.

I was feeling like shit all day due to the uncertainty of everything due to it all being complicated and interconnected; and in part being exposed to the resigned bitterness of the outlook of some on this forum - I was in the same self-justifying self-pitying vicious-circle once... but the Universe or Awareness doesn't force you round that vicious circle, we keep tumbling down it by resenting and resisting what is.

I have to remember the principles I have found which have not left me high and dry yet.

Thank you guys I wish you the awareness required to be aware of new directions.

My best wishes & my acknowledgement as cousins, if not brothers.

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