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OK... I'm Brazilian teenager (just 17), so sorry if I commit any grammar errors. I'm very young, yes, but I think I know a little about these things, at least enough to complain. I'm a lucky guy in some specific parts of life: I have a family that i love and loves me too, parents that care about me and try to make me feel great every time, and a girlfriend who claims to love more than she could ever explain. Nevertheless... I have a small penis. My girlfriend and I only had sex two times and was more to two attempts than sex properly. I failed ridiculously in front of her (even feeling excited). I was worried about what she would think... Of course, she swear that it does not matter for her and that she have her sexual problems to, that she don't judge me by these parameters, however I know she is just a girl and would never say she don't like something in me. Besides all this things, I’m not the most beautiful man in earth and for sure I’m quite distant from that: I’m small (1,70 m), have some acne tissues in my face, weak body girded by an almost funny potbelly… At least (and it may not be seen due to the nature of my problem and my poor vocabulary in English), I’m kinda smart. I guess women really rather big ones because of a psychologically factor (a visual stimulation) and the virility it naturally passes for them. It’s because of the instinct and can just be hidden but not totally suppressed and it is hard. I think I will never fully arouse and please a girl to the limits and this is what my girl deservers. This is what every girl deserves. I could use toys and other ways to make her feel filled and these stuff but it would still be false, not me. I’m scared by the idea that she could shift me or that she wants, in the bottom of her soul, to be with someone better. Oh, man… I’m feeling like a crap… I can master the whole world of girl’s pleasure but I know that the intercourse, even for girls who don’t are very sensible inside the vagina, is something important and the sensation like they say in the websites “of a man banging you” is very considerable like the main course of sex. I read this kind of opinions in women websites, but I don’t think girls would lie about that just to hurt us. I feel suicidal all the time and my life is ruining in my face. My girl and my parents know what I feel about my penis size and work overtime to make me think different. But I trust more in the instinct then in the words. I really don’t know what to do.

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A couple things here: 1) you are only 17 & might not be done growing 2) anyone can post anything on the internet so remember that the next time you read something posted about penis size by a "girl ".

I would advise you to worry about the things you can control that matter to women like what you are going to do for a living.

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