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about someone who i recently met

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Well, i met a guy, and we talked too much together and he's a very fine guy, he's very interesting and is smart. But, for some reason, he just disappeared. Don't want to answer me or even say "man, i'm tired of you and don't talk to me no more". If he says this, I would be happy... I don't know, he makes me anxious and even knowing just a little about him, i was confident that i would be his friend. The last day we talk he was upset and just ran away. I started trying to talk with him again, but he cut all the ways possible. If was other person, i would not give a damn, but i was starting to be very happy by having his presence. I want to say sorry if i did something wrong at least... And after that, he could choose if he wants to continue talking, you know, a negative reaction would not hurt me. I just need an answer, but i don't know how to get it.

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I'm sorry this is difficult for you. :( I have personally found it very helpful to fully appreciate and understand that each person is unique and may relate differently than I do. Your friend's behavior does not necessarily mean you did anything wrong; this may be his way of coping and relating. I understand it can be painful and frustrating to not understand why another person has cut off contact, but each of us can only control our part in any relationship. How can you take care of yourself in this? Would talking more about your feelings help?

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