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Hi all

This isn't a serious problem, but it's bothersome anyway.

It seems that I have a problem with taking orders. At work, when my boss asks me nicely to do something, I seem to feel this raging attitude inside me that sometimes shows on my face. It happens anytime someone asks me to do something that I'm expected to do. It drives me absolutely crazy and I feel like telling them that someone else can do it.

I don't like this attitude because I'm well aware that it is my job to do these things and I get paid for it.

It alomost feels like I'll do the things but in my own sweet time, and if they have to ask me twice to do it, I get really annoyed.

I'm not sure what this stems from or came from. I have no leads to look into. If anyone has any ideas that I could research, I would appreciate it.

Thanks everyone.

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Well, since it affects your work, maybe it needs more of your attention?

It's difficult, though, for us strangers to suggest very much to you if you have "no leads" of your own. In therapy when that happens, the tendency is to ask the client an unrelated question, possibly about their early life, and let them free-associate. Sometimes, the client finds that they've pulled up something relevant without knowing it (consciously) beforehand. Unfortunately, that's a difficult technique to apply to oneself, because we know why we're looking into the past, so we may guard the original memory from ourselves.

At least you recognize that you do stuff you don't understand (lots of people would remain in the unquestioning response mode and be unable to explain why their bosses get angry at them.) Did you ever go back to therapy, since I looked up some of your past posts? Is that a possibility here? Many employers have Employee Assistance Programs precisely because it allows their employees to become better people and therefore better workers.

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