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2 cups of Green Tea can help with depression.


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Websites on the internet propounding the consumption of green tea for its various health benefits usually don't talk about its benefits when it comes to depression, even if they go on to list 10 of its benefits. So I was pleasantly surprised when one day last month I tried 2 cups of green tea for its other health benefits, and immediately noticed much improvement in alertness/sharpness and also much less lethargy.

So if you are looking some way to combat depression besides your primary therapy initiative, you can try 2 cups of leafed variety of green tea. I don't think the tea-bag variety would help, since I think that would be too light. BTW, I have had major depression for a long long time, and am currently on homeopathic treatment for the same.

Green tea has an amino acid which helps with depression. But I read this online only after I regularly started drinking green tea. Nevertheless, I am a happy that I found out this. Here is one link which mentions the benefit of green tea with respect to depression: http://healthyliving...-of-green-tea#6

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