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Some statistics.

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According to one of the most recent studies from the sexual journal of medicine, there is about 20% of men that have a 3.xx" long or 3.xx" girth and under. (http://onlinelibrary.../jsm.12244/full)

I have always been self conscious of my size and this helped me put things into perspective. This may help some people, it may not, just nice to know the facts I guess. It's also important to note that these were all self measured and reported.

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I totaled the numbers of guys that measure less than 4" on either length or girth. That came out to be 16.7% and 8.5% respectively. Both these numbers can't simply be add together since there would be some redundancies, but at least 16.7% of guys have less than 4" in girth and probably about 2-3% more have more than 4" in length but less than 4" in girth which totals to about 20%.

Just look at the number of respondents that answered 10 cm and under on both length and girth.

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I'm not sure if this post helps people out, but I just thought that many guys on here are actually average or close to it and often underestimate their sizes. I found it interesting that it is very common to have a 3.5-4" penis in length or girth.

Even if you have a micropenis their are millions of guys out there that do too. I don't know if I'm helping anyone, but this did help me to become less self conscious about my size as I am actually about average.

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