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Greetings guys! and congratulations for setting up an amazing forum and allowing me to be part of it. I recently came across this website and found some very helpful stuff which has encouraged to share my story and without further a due here we go!

Since I have memory I had a problem of tight foreskin one time I tried to tell my mom about it, but she ignored the issue by telling my father "I had a very small penis", I must have been 9-10 years old when it happened I swear I would never would forget those words it marked me forever. Then it was the constant laughing at my penis from my aunt and my mother I was still 9-10 years old then and again I swear I can still hear those ladies laughing at my from the back of my head. Don't get me wrong my mom is a good woman just not aware of the damage it caused to me, although she always put me down while being overprotective.

I think those two experiences marked me in a way that nearly destroyed my life. As a grew up I started to develop interest for porn and masturbation from the age of 14 to 22 I was a chronic porn addict and masturbator. Always shy with women, with only a few failed exceptions. Always felt powerless about women. Had a girlfriend once and tried sex but it did not work out very well, could not get it all the way the up :lol: , though she said she liked my foreplay and other things I did and would love to try it again.

After that experience I remained watching porn, masturbating, eating unhealthy and not exercising. But recently I met somebody online and the person wants to try it with me although I have not told her about my insecurities and probably wont because I really liked that person. Talking to this person has mysteriously motivated me to work out, eat better, quit porn and masturbation and also improve many other aspects of my life. But the insecurities and over thinking still remain.

Some final words it comes out I have nearly average penis 5.25 to 5.5 erect length while 4.0 to 4.3 girth yet is always on my mind that it is inappropriately small. and that creates many fears and insecurities for me specially since am always comparing myself to others.am around 6ft tall around 185-190 not a model but in good shape. but am afraid that if I try sex I may have the same experience what I can do to prevent this from happening again?

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average erect length is 5-6 inches and average girth is 4-5 inches. so you are well within average, and more than enough to satisfy a woman. quitting por nand masturbating should make it easier to get a full erection with this lucky girl of yours.

i can only imagine how those remarks from your family burned into your memory. this goes to prove my point that ANY size guy can have SPS.

if this girl does like you, she wont mind you telling her that you are a bit insecure, or "shy" down there. take it slow, foreplay lots, and if she is more experienced than you, let her take the lead. and i bet you'll have a wonderful time

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