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In the eight days I spent in a hospital, I missed having things to read or puzzles to do. Some of the staff listened and started photocopying Sudoku puzzles for us. They had a chess set and jigsaw puzzles, too, which helped pass time. Everyone's needs are different, though.

Overall, they were trying to get us to relate to each other as people more, which was actually helpful. It was funny: people seemed to break up into groups by their disorders, but because that way they could be more supportive to each other. It was like patient-to-patient therapy. I suspect you'll have a more structured program than the sort of emergency holding ward that I was in.

Be open to people around you, if you can. I keep some of the most vivid impressions of people from that time, people I was destined to know for only a few days. I still carry a copy of the Serenity Prayer that one of the recovering alcoholics copied out for me, because I didn't have one.

Regaining what you've lost has no motivating power? {Since what you've lost most is yourself ...}

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Comfortable clothes, sweat shirts. I forgot a sweat shirt once and even though it was summer it's cold in those places. I don't know where you're going but places I've been have had pools or took people to the beach so you might want a bathing suit. And definitely things to read cause you probably can't have your phone so you'll be bored. If I think of other things I'll let you know.

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