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Gender Identity Disorder: I need some help.


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Hello, I have a big doubt. I'm a girl, I'm 18. Never dated someone because I never had interest in men, since I was little I was attracted to girls. I never liked being a girl, I never felt like one. Not for aesthetic reasons or supposed "cultural benefits", but I always wanted to be a boy. I always dressed like one, walked, acted, talked like one. I always felt very envious of my nephews because they are boys. Today I look in the mirror and I hate what I see, I see a man dressed as a woman. I feel like I'm a man, I do not accept my body. I hate my breasts, and I am very grateful to have small breasts. I try to hide them, clutching my chest with tight clothing. My mother does not like me to wear men's clothing, so I use when I'm alone. For me it's the best thing in the world when I can wear a tie.

I wanted to understand what is wrong with me, so I researched the internet and found a documentary about children with Gender Identity Disorder. It is very similar or the same as me. I'm having consultations with a psychologist but have not said anything to her about that yet. Should I tell her?

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