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Tartrazine (Yellow #5) and Penis Growth Inhibition

Guest Klingsor

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i'll give it to you straight,tartrazine is probably the least of males' worries -in this day and age- whether it's sexual implications or other health effects.

the list of harmful chemicals in foods,drinks,cleaning products,the soil,the water,the air,...is very long (no pun intended).

the reason i say it's the least of our worries,is because there are very many chemicals that are conclusively linked to many health problems including cancer,and yes,some are even directly/explicitly linked to sexual/genital development etc.

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the research is inconclusive but there is good evidence that chemicals in the environment, residuals from products or industrial processes can effect penis growth.

e.g. shampoo and certain ingested vegetables had been implicated.

But the suggestion is they effected the foetus.

There is also good evidence that genetics play a part e.g. abnormalities have a strong genetic link.

It could be that certain genes make you more susceptible to environmental chemicals or the pregnant mothers stress levels.

Or all of the above.

I have never read research implicating tight foreskins or diet (after birth) affected size. (though I concede its not implausible)

It could be that in 100 years they can identify foetuses with abnormal genitals so the parents can consider abortion.

Or maybe use gene therapy or nano robots in-vitro to resolve the issue or using grafting techniques after birth.

Alas its well known that genital development of foetuses is one of the most delicate, vulnerable and easily disrupted processes during pregnancy.

This is why,in the animal kingdom there is a 'gender mosaic' to describe the many different varieties of 'difference'.

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Surprised nobody here mentioned the amount of crap in tap water and why it's wise to invest in a water distiller.

for a pregnant mom - then yes (though bottled water may also have disrupters due to the plastic)

but once born there is no evidence thus far implicating water for reduced size …. (at least not to my knowledge- I havent read up on this for about a year)

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