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Greetings and thank you,

A few weeks ago, a serious of strange behaviors surfaced, but haven't been repeated. I have been thinking them over, but I can not make heads or tails of it all.

The first morning I woke up, I screamed towards the middle of my room, "stay away from me", then I became coherent, and knew not why I was saying it. The next morning, upon waking up, I threw my pillow into the middle of my bedroom. The morning after that, I woke up in the morning and started to punch the air around me upon waking, while laying down on my bed. The next morning upon waking, while still lacking coherency, as if I was in a trance, I got out of my bed, and lunged towards the middle of my bedroom punching and kicking the air.

Sometime through it all, I cannot remember when, but during that time I developed a "thumb" print on my right inner ulna(arm). When I first noticed it, for a second I knew I was "dragged by my arm", or at the least had that kind of impression. After awhile, the certainty of it faded, but the "thumb mark" turned into a nasty black and blue mark.The kind of mark you develop when you donate plasma and your vein ruptures. It is likely, that in my sleep state, I grabbed my own arm and pressed hard with my thumb, as I usually sleep on my side with both hands under my pillow at rest.

I am a 29 year old young man, I was never in the military, and cannot think of what could be the cause of it all. It is a bit off putting, and far from normal. I just don't know what to make of it.

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Hello, Kalwyn, and welcome!

My subjective impression is that you've possibly got some very intense dreams and you weren't really waken up when you got up from your bed, so you acted like still being in the dream. So it might have been a special case of somnambulism. However, you seem to recall very well what you did (or was it somebody else who described your behaviour to you since you'd forgotten it?), which would make it even more strange (at least to me). Do you recall something about how you felt or what you thought when it has been happening?

Do you live with somebody? (I mean: Is there somebody who might help you to cope with your feelings after this happens and somebody who might be possibly in danger if you acted this way not "towards an invisible enemy", but "towards anybody who just happens to be there with you"?)

Anyway, I'm not sure if trying to focus on "the symptom" would be very fruitful - and this behaviour sounds more like "just a symptom" to me (but I'm not more than a layman, of course, so...). I would rather ask you if you're aware of anything that might make you feel menaced and if anything unusual had happened before this behaviour surfaced. However, I suppose it isn't anything obvious (easily recognizable / remembered), so finding it may take much time and effort. Mainly, it might be a reaction to some major event from your past, triggered by a minor (seemingly "harmless / innocent") event that had occurred recently, before this behaviour. And the memories of this past event might be repressed or distorted to seem irrelevant. In such case, some "psychological excavation" in psychotherapy might be needed to make sense of it and to heal a hidden wound in your subconscious. Indeed, I would suggest you to see a psychologist/therapist in case if this behaviour reoccurs and makes you worried, not to mention if it causes you some more harm - like when you had the dark "thumb mark"! If nothing similar happens again, then I would suggest not to worry and take it as ... "one of the mysteries of human brain" ;).

(Of course, this all isn't more than just my opinions and/or "fantasies"; so take it as one of many/several possible points of view ;).)

What do you think?

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I would suggest keeping a dream journal, that way if you are having upsetting dreams or not you can rule it out. I would also suggest talking to your doctor there is a condition where the body does not go into paralysis when you go to sleep this is a leading cause of sleep walking, which you might be doing. Sleep walking is very dangerous.

But since you said this only happened a few times I wouldn't worry too much about it, us humans are strange creatures; if it happens again then maybe consider seeking some help. I am going to maintain the theory that you had a traumatizing dream about something that bothered you and that was your reaction.

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