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Would like to talk with someone like minded about 2 sexual topics


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Not sure where to start so I'll try to stay brief just to start this out. For one thing, I believe myself to be pedophile but without causing any physical harm to kids. I've read this is a real thing, where you are sexually attracted to them but no action. I am a male and I label myself as gay because I only have sexual attraction to other men. However when it comes to the much smaller side, I have attraction to females as well if small enough. I can say that my main interest is still male, but the really small females are a definite exception. So anyway, I guess I'd like to find someone that can relate to this desire, to talk to. At some point, maybe a pen pal or phone friend but I have no one right now in any form so I guess I'll take what I can get. As for my second issue, I also have a very strong interest in father/son sexuality which also includes sexual interest in my own father. As a young teen hitting puberty, I think it's probably very common and normal to think about that. But I'm way past that age and I still like the idea of it and if he was that way, I don't think I could resist giving in. But he isn't, in fact he is highly against anything of that nature. When I hit puberty and started to masturbate, I used to sneak outside at night when he would go shower. Our bathroom always stayed cracked slightly during warm weather and of course being dark outside you can look in and not be seen by the people inside. So I'd go outside after he would go in and I would watch him shower while I masturbated myself to completion outside the window. I don't get that opportunity much these days as I'm not living with him in my adult life but I will still catch a peek at his penis whenever I can without be noticeable, such as being outdoors together and him peeking, things like that. So here again, if there is as anyone who has the same thoughts I'd love to talk. Also, if there are dads that have feelings about either of the 2 things I've mentioned, or both, I'd like to hear from you as well if you're comfortable with talking. As I mentioned earlier, I think a private pen pal and/or phone chats would be very nice, but anything would be nice at this point as I have no one in my life that I can share any of this with and talk to about things. Thanks for reading!

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You're completely different from me. I understand that your situation must be difficult, and I wouldn't like to be in your situation. But then again, I don't like being in my own situation either.

One could argue that I have no real problems at all, that it's all in my head. But the same could be said for, say, transsexuals.

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Hi thinkingdark,

I really think you should get in to see a Psychiatrist as soon as possible, so you can talk to him/her about your desires for your father and for young females. Romantic and/or sexual activity between a father and his son, especially when the son is a minor such as yourself, is under all circumstances very abnormal and extremely harmful and it may very well be a sign of a condition that needs further treatment. The same applies to relationships with young children as well.

So, do not act on your desires, and please get in to see a mental health professional, preferably a Psychiatrist, as soon as possible, before you do something that you will regret.

Lastly, I do not think that it is healthy to form relationships and talk to other individuals, especially grown men, and especially for private phone chat, especially when you are at such a young age, about such topics. Doing so is definitely not moving forward, and the friendships and the people to whom you should be telling this about should be people who have a keen interest in helping you to heal and recover from these harmful feelings, not people who share those feelings with you.

Take care, and I hope all the best,


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