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Hi, could anyone give me some tips about how to relax? Any program other web site.

I suppose that my problem is that I need to compare my situation with the others. I pay too much attention to other words or actions and always in a bad way comparing to me. I know that is destructive but I can´t stop thinking about this. For example: the corruption in my country depressed me.

So, any advice other tips to stop this "mental process" is welcome. I want to focus on me, in my needs and life. I want to talk with my friends or simply walk and to be happy by miself, avoiding compare to others.

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Hi to all.

Well, I´m not better with my depression.

Actually, it´s the 3th week I have no messages, no telephone contact and in fact, no contact with my friends. I have not so much, with my problems I was, and I am a very unsociable man...but three of them are friends since school...and nothing.

I´m funny, not cruel with the others...my problems affects me. I was triying to contact them, and to send the message "can you perhaps once a week talk with me?" and this is my result.

I suppose I´m not going more to the Healthcare mental therapist, she is absolutely a disaster guiding or helping to find a solution. Only stupid comments like "people is not perfect" when I say I have no contact with others...Yeah, everypeople knows that nobody´s perfect...but how is that linked with no communication?

I have an important job´s examen the 31th Januar. Other people had said that in two months is possible to approbe, but I must study 16 hours per day.

It´s funny. Normal I hate to study...but, in my actual condition, this exam is the only reason I evade my depression. When I think too much about family, friends, girlfriends, etc...I just only focus on "study a new page is better than thinking..."

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I can´t say the moment this no communication time begans. But I think that my problem is the difference between my life and my friends.

When they were at parties, concerts, with their girlfriends and family. I was alone, with my abusive father, my special mother and my older brother.

With no money because my father needed money in order to pay another womens, so he stolen the family´s recurses during about two years. The divorce was because money not the violence, my mother is a weakness person who did anything to stop the violence in my house.

So, my friends had a happy past and experiences in common, but they can´t understand to live with no money. At firt, they thought that i was only unsociable and happy beeing alone. Later, when they know about my situation, nobody wants to stay with a person who can´t go to parties or to stop thinking always the same.

You are right n1, is better to me to focus on my studies...with this new job I can beging a new life, hopefully with truly friends and a partner. The older friends i want to cut from my life. When they were in problems I was always here. the defunction of my best friend´s father or when another discover that his girlfriends was with another guy at same time...I was always here, and I was supportive and now this is my situation.

Well, when they need me, I will not appear.

I will be here in Februar 2015. Now I need to focus onthe exam or next year will be with no job. Hopefully all goes better!


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