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Newbie, trying to help my friend.


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Hi, I'm new here and I found this place by trying to search for ways to help my guy friend. I realize his issues with having a smaller than average penis have caused a lot of problems in his life. He and I have known each other for a lot of years and always hovered on having a relationship. I've loved this man since I was a teenager and I could never understand why he never allowed a relationship to happen between us and he recently disclosed the fact that he has a small penis and he hasn't felt comfortable with himself and that was the problem the entire time. I'm so sad that this is what kept us from being together because I truly, deeply, sincerely do not care about his size...I care about him. I cannot figure out how to help him understand. It seems like he thinks I'm lying to him and I seriously just want him to understand how unimportant it is to me and how much more there is to a relationship. Anybody have suggestions? BTW for background info, he and I have never been intimate (he is still a virgin) and I don't know the size of his penis.

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