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First off, I would guess a very large number of people (I would venture to say, "most") have felt utterly hopeless at some point.

Interestingly, very nearly all of them carried on despite the feeling, which suggests that the feeling isn't entirely accurate.

And what do you do? You reach out to people, like you just did, and you keep on reaching out until you make some sort of connection. There are millions of people with that hopeless feeling (which is called depression), and there are a lot of people out there waiting to try to help. Suicide hotlines, if it's that bad, or therapists or school counselors or friends or family. Who you reach out to depends on what you have available, but there's something out there, trust me.

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Thanks, mts and IJ. I'm beyond help.

I have two choices. Either get my life in such order that I can confidently leave it with no loose ends or mess, or find employment in some occupation that minimizes human interaction while maximizing effort and leaves me bone tired at night and on the weekends. My mind is so corrupted and broken there's no reversing the damage I've done to it.

i dunno about you, but I've chosen the latter.

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