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Hi people.

I was triying to cope with my ten years depression. Actually, i´m better.

But I can´t enjoy life. Days are passing and i can´t think in a good future.

My family´s doctor gave me Paroxetin. I was not taking that because I have bad feelings about medication. All my family had taken antidepressant with no changes in their condition. And my father had taken three antidepressant and he was worse and worse in his mental health.

Can anyone tell me about antidepressant?

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Honestly, no one here can give you a better opinion than your doctor. Medical advice from random strangers is a bad idea at the best of times.

I know quite a few people on antidepressants. I've taken them myself. Some people have greater benefits, some fewer. Some have some side-effects (I don't know anyone who, say, grew a second head.) Generally, those who have greater benefits keep taking them. If you experience no change in your condition, you have the option to try a different medication (usually it takes several tries to find one that works for any given person) or to stop taking it.

It was worth a try for me, and I was very resistant to the idea at first. None of my fears, particularly the fear that I would change into someone else somehow, came true. Weighed against the depression I was in at the time, I'm glad that I tried the medication.

But the important thing is to keep working at it, with medication or without. No one deserves to feel bad all the time.

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