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Be honest, if science figured out a way to make your penis big, would you be happy?


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It would also increase my overall happiness I think. That said, I've become the person I am now because of my small penis and that contains some parts to be proud of as well (I guess).

Ah fuck it, ofcourse I would be happy. Could name a whole bunch of 'would give positive effects to my life' reasons and I couldn't name so many the other way around.

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it would fundamentally change my life.

I would still be with my 1st GF and subsequent ones (had we parted for other reasons)

I would be happy and confident and productive.

I would have had kids by now.

I have ruminated upon suicide now for as long as I remember - and its all about my size and its impact.

I would go for BP 6.75 x 5.5

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Guest Klingsor

nah, no chance

the damage is already done, I hate people with a searing rage, I can't undo that.

Once you want everybody to die, there is really no way back. The ruination of character, personality and life perspective is irreversible.


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Not now but if the had done it when I was 16 then yes of course. Like others have said it's kind of late now. Having a larger penis now wouldn't wipe away the past 40 years on loneliness, frustration, jealousy and anger.

It'll never happen anyway. Only women get to enjoy the benefits of changing what God gave them.

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