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my pal AL

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A friend of mine works in a support home for young women and once in a while she is required to spend the night there. The young women are allowed visitors and often have their friends over.

The last time she was there, she woke up to find a stocky man standing in her room. Luckily, she had the presence of mind to verbally confront him, and he left. She quickly got dressed and followed him, only to find that he had done the same thing to other women there. By the time she figured out what was going on, he was on the second floor of the house, so she went up the stairs to confront him. When he saw her coming up the stairs, he backed up and then stood there with his face against the wall (like he was a 3 year old put in time-out).

O.K., so...I'm no mental health professional, but when she told me that I just about lost it (picture in black and white, Robby the Robot <danger, DANGER>). I told her that she should have called the police immediately because that type of reaction (you don't see me) must be an indicator of something not being right in the head, but I could not tell her what it might be.

Understanding that this person is not under your direct observation, so I'm not expecting a diagnosis, and that this person was not joking with her: She should be very worried in a situation like this, yes?

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi and Welcome to our community,

Yes, indeed, your friend should have called the police immediately and had them come over. In fact, she should still call the police. Most certainly, if this happens again, there is no question about calling 911. No one knows who this person is, why he was there and what he could do. He was certainly trespassing and could be dangerous. Let her know the seriousness of the situation just as soon as you can.


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I agree. It's hard to imagine an innocent reason for the guy's behavior and while it might not be an imminent threat, I can imagine it escalating into something really bad without much effort. She ignores him at her peril and at the peril of the residents.

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