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I know this is not connected to SPS at all, and is off topic. If the mods want me to move or delete it I will. But I like to keep my issues here among 'family' if I can.

My doctor (of two years) is pushing me to get a testicular ultrasound. I've been resisting, and will probably refuse if I can.

Has anyone here had this procedure? Is it as revealing as it sounds? Did you have to be sedated at all? Did it take long to do?

My mother in law is a retired practitioner, but I really don't want to discuss this with her.

I'd welcome any input.

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I've never had that done. I would imagine you would be completely exposed. Doctors seem to almost enjoy putting patients in uncomfortable situations. Would having a male doc help? I personally wouldn't be too bothered by a male doc. But I absolutely would have a problem with a female. In fact, I think I might have had a female doctor get a little inappropriate years ago. It was a new gp. I was feeling like I had mild version of the flu. The doctor wanted to check for mono. But before she did the blood test she checked my glands to see if thru were swollen. Now, I'm not doctor so if there is one here please let me know if I am incorrect. I assumed you could check any gland in the body for being swollen? Does it seem strange that she wanted to check the glands in my groin. Why not just check the glands in my neck?

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My G.P. is male. I far prefer male medical personnel over female. If my doc was doing this I'd have no problems with it. It seems one has to go to an imaging lab to have this done. All the techs I've found so far are female. The only guy I personally know that has had something like this done had a prostate ultrasound.

His description has me spooked, I'll admit. I was hoping a testicular ultrasound would be different.

I can find plenty of stories online, but most sound like fantasy B.S. . I was just trying to get the straight scoop.

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