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Hi Friends, I am a schizoid individual age 24 and have been greatly unsuccessful in life. And this has gretly undermine my passion to go social because of the criticism I have recieved. Anyways, I am mostly alone and have developed a passion for learning. I find myself always reading, solving and learning various fields from liberal arts to mathematics and sciences. I believe it sharpens my mind, logical and cognitive abilities. But I don't know why I feel like having huge privacy in whatever I do. So do I suffer from any disorder besides that I am a schizoid? If so how do I come out of such vicious mental diseases (including the schizoid)? I do hope that I can achive something in life and contribute to humanity.

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hey trademaster,

have you tried seeking a professional to answer these questions?

i'm not sure what disorder you could be struggling from other than a 'schizoid' as you said. But, I feel like a valuable lesson for myself has been that when you are afraid of something, that is what you need to face the most. (obviously with the exception of putting yourself in harm's way)

maybe if you try to identify what you're truly afraid of, then you can start to break down your problems and find ways to improve your life.

all the best!

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