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Hello everyone, I don't know how to start this... Well, depression is ruining me,basically. I have suicidal thoughts and I just can't do nothing. People around me don't understand what I'm going through. Therapy is expensive... I don't know what to do. What choices do I have?

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These are some things I try to follow to help with my depression:

1) Eat healthy & foods which help with depression, oily fish like salmon . No junk food.

2) Exercise everyday, especially cardio. Even brisk walk is good.

3) Check hormone levels; normal erections for man, regular periods for woman, no unexpected weight loss/gain recently.

4) Get tested for vitamin D and B12 levels. A lot of people are deficient in these, and the deficiency can worsen symptoms if not be the direct cause. Take supplements if required.

5) Get natural sunlight in the morning hours.

6) Have green tea 2 hours after breakfast. Try to start day with 2 glasses of water instead of caffeine

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Welcome to the community, mumumu.

Self-care is very important to feeling well, I agree. I would add getting an adequate night's sleep and finding some time to relax. I do find exercise to be quite helpful to me and I did also recently test deficient in vitamin D. I do feel better after starting on the supplement and especially so after regulating my sleep.

I think it's important to listen to our self-talk too. This is one way to become more self-aware and begin to listen to our needs. Does it help to express your feelings? You could write in a journal or write here, if you feel it could be helpful.

Take care, mumumu.

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