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Genital mismatch?


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A health care provider I know received a promotional mailing about this.

No idea how legitimate this is, but I thought it was interesting.

Here's a quote from the web site (you can find it by searching on "genital mismatch").

Genital Mismatch (G.M.)

WARNING: The following discussion could make you uncomfortable BUT your happiness could hinge on what’s here…

Keeping the “Happiness Machine” Running Smoothly Includes Sexual Relations

Religious leaders, marriage & family counselors, and your best friend will all tell you that family and relationships are the “Happiness Machine” and that sexual behavior plays an important part in the relationship of family leaders–especially in the early formative years of a family. But, after examining over 10,000 men and women over the past 25+ years as a physician, I found that women and their doctors seldom speak of the following sexual problems (even though these problems can destroy a marriage)…

• A very small vagina may result from genetics or from surgery.

• Because of a smaller vaginal canal, some women experience pain from a penis more than 4 inches in length or circumference (yes, this does happen)

• Vaginal canal enlargement may result from childbirth, aging, & some sexual practices.

• Some women with a larger vaginal canal may not be able to appreciably feel a penis less than 7 or 8 inches in length and 6 or more inches in girth. In other words, only the 20% or so of men with a penis larger than average will bring appreciable sensation.

• Muscles surround the vaginal canal and contract or relax to accommodate a range of penis sizes (both diameter and length can change).

• Even though the vaginal canal can change in size, for every vagina a specific range of sizes feels best to that particular woman.

• So, for every woman, there is an “ideal custom penis size” or ICPS that offers the most sensation and pleasure.

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I think this over simplifies and complicates things at the same time, so well done on finding such a kafkaesque paradox in regards to sps. 25 years of research must have yielded elaborate statistics, I wonder if they're consistent with actual factuals, because these conclusions seem to misrepresent and dilute them grotesquely. Quite the scandal.

No idea. I only found this yesterday.

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So good luck on finding yourself a snug fanny to "bump uglies", private eye. They're definitely floating around between a leg and another leg, but in the greedy words of Dudley Dursley; "how many are there?".

and yet whenever there is a discussion regarding "very small" penises most women that comment seemed to have experienced at least one. I think to myself if only a very small percentage of guys have "very small" dicks how is it so many women have had one.

With very large penis you can sort of understand it as they are much coveted by women and big guys tend to sleep with lots of women so a larger percentage of women get to experience one.

I do know that virtually all women think they have a small, tight one.

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This sample isn't representative of the general female population, because the subject is likely to attract women that have an experience with a smaller penis. It's synonymous with saying that most men that comment on this sub-forum have a small penis, ergo a small package is generally common.

That's true but it's also true that most online forums tend to attract a small number of active posters.

However I agree with you. I do come across a few that say they've never come across a really small. Of course that statement i usually accompanied with a "thank God"

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