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how can anxiety be controlled?


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I've been suffering from anxiety for a while now and i have looked for methods to calm myself down but none of them have been of any help. I've told my parents about this but they refuse to believe that I have anxiety. I don't know what else to do. Lately it's been getting worse and I know I need help but my parents don't believe me, so I was hoping I could end it with out the help of a doctor. Is that possible?

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Welcome to the community. I'm sorry you're struggling with anxiety and your parents were not supportive when you reached out to them. :( Is there a school counselor or another trusted adult you might confide in? I have trouble with anxiety too at times. I understand that it can be very distressful. :( There is not a quick or simple "fix" to make it end, I don't think. Talk therapy, relaxation techniques, and medication have helped me, but I still have my moments of struggling with this. Are you feeling anxious about anything in particular or is it an overall all the time feeling?

Take care, 10000000_.

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