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I am feeling suicidal


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I've been suffering from anxiety disorders and depression along with self harm from the past 7 years, I've always been alone in this until two years ago, when I met this girl who later on became my girlfriend and made feel like someone understood and was there to help me.

But every time we had a fight I had a panic attack where usually I started screaming and hitting myself.

Now she broke up with me.

And I can't stand this.

I can't stand being alone again.

I want to kill myself.

Please, help

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Hey man,

Have you tried seeing a therapist for anxiety & depression? I recently started seeing someone for the first time, it's hard at first to admit you need help, but it's a relief once you get it. If that isn't your thing, then is there anyone else you can reach out to? Family? Friends?

I know from experience that it can seem like your world is crashing when a relationship ends when you have so much invested in it, but in time I promise you that you will find someone again and that you will look back and find peace with this.

All the best, much love.

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