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Hello, new here


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I'm not quite sure what to say. I have generalized anxiety disorder with some social anxiety and periods of depression. Right now I'm really struggling with depression (especially getting school work done because I don't have the motivation or drive) and trying to fight the urge to self harm. I'm a senior in high school so I'm basically just trying to make it to graduation.

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Welcome to our community, Russ. I'm sorry you are coping with anxiety and depression. Do you talk with a counselor at school about your struggles? Any supportive friends or family?

Are there any subjects in school that you do enjoy? Any hobbies? Sometimes it helps me to connect with something positive and just have fun.

Feel free to share more about yourself if you feel comfortable doing so. Take care.

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You're welcome. :)

I had a difficult time opening up in therapy for a long time too, Russ. My therapist allowed me to write out my feelings and bring my "letters" to session and this helped me tremendously. After some months, I was more comfortable talking and sharing with him. It can take time to build trust.

My only real hobby right now is escaping in TV shows and fandoms...

I do this too sometimes. I enjoy romance and wrote some stories years ago. Does being a part of a fandom help you to make new friends?

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