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Hi, I'm new to this site and a little nervous to open up. I am 16 and currently having problems with anxiety and am showing signs of having a bipolar disorder. I am currently having depressive episodes daily. I am having trouble sleeping properly, I have been having paranoid thoughts and nightmares, I have lost interest in most everything and have been tired all of the time. At some points in my day I feel over the moon happy with lots of motivation, but at other points I can cry easily and feel very defeated, lonely and empty. I have also been feeling overwhelmed, trapped, and confused. I have been trying to open up to my friends but I do not want to bug them since these episodes occur so often. I do not like the idea of reaching out for professional help as I feel as if I do into denial and do not think my problems are serious enough. I have been having social problems and just had my first panic attack at work. Years ago I had suicidal thoughts and am having some currently. I just need to reach out to someone/ anyone. Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated.

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Hello, Lauren, and welcome. :)

I hear you that it feels frightening to share your difficulties. I'm glad you decided to reach out.

Possibly your friends might want to know how things are for you and won't feel you are bothering them? If your challenges are interfering with your life, I would think they are serious enough to warrant speaking with a professional. I understand this isn't easy. I struggled for some time myself before I decided to see a therapist. I know too that therapy isn't for everyone.

Does journaling help at all, Lauren? I find it helps me to express and process my feelings. Is your family supportive?

I hope today is okay for you. Take gentle care.

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