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The other night I'm playing a game "cards against humanity" which is a game with adult themes language. It's a fun game if your sitting around with some beers and what not. So I'm playing with my GF and friends girls and guys. Now most of these cards say some fucked up shit most of it harmless. You pick up a card read it to the group and you have 7 cards you can chose from to either complete the sentence or answer a question. The card drawer picks the funniest and whose ever card it was gets the point.

So up comes the card that drew some laughter... Micro penis. Even my gf had a chuckle. Now I don't have a micro penis just a small one but obviously this still angered me. We went through the majority of the deck and there were no loose pussy cars (there may be) or small titties, just the small cock jab.

This game has a lot of bad shit in it but there's also things they seem to avoid. Like I said I didn't go through the whole deck and maybe I should have before posting this but I'm bored on break. Where's the Downs syndrome card? Lol right hahah. Small dicks are a joke even my gf laughs at and she knows I struggle with this, I just think she's forever clueless.

It didn't ruin my night. I just observed and took notes. What's funny, what's not. Wondering what would be the reaction to reading off a card that said "child with no parents" or "woman who can't have children" poor things.. That's not funny I couldn't imagine what they'd be going through emotionally. Shits twisted.

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