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[!] I am scared of the noises in my head


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[!]There is something which bothers me.The noises in my head.I am hypersensitive to some noises such as water or the tearing noise of the paper.Sometimes I hear many people talking in my head at the same time.I know these voices are not real.But it irritates me.

Sometimes while talking with my friends I hear their voices first in slow motion afterwards in fast motion and then for a few seconds I can not follow what they are saying to me.I lose reality for a few seconds. Highering the dose of Zoloft made those noises to fade away.But I am really scared.I hope I do not hear noises again.

Also when I was taking 50 mg Zoloft (now taking 75 next week will be taking 100mg as my pdoc told me) one day I had a great desire to break all the windows in the house and hear the shattering noise.I also wanted to break the windows with my hand and see the blood dropping. [!]I am 44 and never had felt aggressive before.I am really scared of myself.I was able to control myself that day, what if I can not control myself another day.

Maybe what I have is not major depression but psychotic depression.I have knee tendon problem so I can not go and see my doc these days and I could only talk on the phone.

To sum it up I am scared of the noises and the aggressive thoughts on my mind.Now I feel better.Hope to get better.

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Hi kitty

this does sound hard to deal with I just wanted to tell you that I hope you are ok and that this gets straighted out for you. I think you should call your Dr and tell him very soon of the aggressive feeling because you don't want that to get worse and you are right mabe the dx is not right. Please TAKE CARE

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Kitty,

I fully agree with Forgeting. Call the Doctor IMMEDIATELY and let the Doctor know what is happening to you. You never know, you might be reacting to the Zoloft, or there is another diagnosis or something new is happening or, etc, etc. The point is the Doctor must be informed. That is what I ALWAYS adivise my patients to do.

Many people are shy about calling the doctor. They think they are being silly or intrusive. However, I agree fully with Forgeting that what is happening to you is very serious and you need the Doctor's help.

We are worried about you.

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I talked with my pdoc on the phone,he said as long as those are thoughts that is not important.!!!!!

Please do not worry about me.I already feel better.After taking a higher dose of Zoloft, I began to feel better.Now I am a docile kitty.I hope I do not become a wildcat again.

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