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Stuck in A Rut looking for advice.


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I live and do the same things everyday no change in hopes doing nothing saves me money and I can move away from my roommate who is kind but drives me insane. It's more like a jail here but I'm trying to be thankful. I have no support systems.. my siblings all moved off and are having children. I am the oldest and I have a bf of 7 years.. who helps me with my borderline personalitydisorder and depression. I feel like everyone is moving on with their lIves except me. Recently I've been considering having a child too but I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do in a way it's almost like it's selfish to bring a human into this just to give me something to do and someone to care for who needs me. No one needs me anymore and I've lost all my friends for the same reasons as my family just so caught up with their new families and Im just alone. I have social anxiety badly.. I used to go to school a lot but now that I haven't gone in awhile I'm afraid to even go take placement testings. I'm so stuck but I need to be more positive. I'm considering counseling. Can anyone help me with advice or support? I have to get past my anxiety to see a counselor ):

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