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I'm sure some member knows an easier, more efficient way to find compatible images for uploading, and I'm sure they won't hesitate to let it be known how stupid and time-consuming my method is. But that is how I do it.

stupid and time-consuming method (which i doubt it is) is still better than nothing. if there is a better way, i guess irma will let us know.

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I'm sorry you're having difficulty with this, Coco. I've never been very computer savvy myself and still often use the "learn as you go" or "ask your child how" method of doing things. :o

Usually I find a photo I like and put it on a site like photobucket and upload from there. I also might take one that I already have on my computer. Our members have given you some methods of how to edit and change the size if you need to that are hopefully helpful. I usually just keep trying until I find an image that will fit. Please let us know if you're still having trouble and we can figure this out together.

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