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This is my point of view about penis size.

I was worried about my penis size since 18...now im 26. But the true about me is that this problem was a lack of self confidence.

I had no relationship and no girl had saying any problem for that.

During those years I obtained a lot of material about penis size...and I have concluded that exist a lot of girls in this world with no problems in that.

Nobody´s perfect, so i´m trying to say that only with effort you can find the woman of your life.

In my case, I will not complaint anymore because human´s heart is beyond body.

Yeah! I know that many girls want a big penis or the male´s jokes about that...but truly, this is not the important. That is only superficial points of view about human body. They are perfeccionist and I try to avoid people like that because they can´t understand suffering. The human´s body is not perfect or all human will be the same. So, with so many women and men I think that the penis it´s not so many important in order to be happy.

People with more experience in life and love exist...And girls who love the "person" and not the body.

There are many information about how to pleasure a woman ins bed so,i´m not telling anything new. No matters size, a man can make a woman feel pleasure. Plus, in rehabilitation centre, women or men with, for example, spinal fracture can relearn about their bodies and new techniques in sex.

So, good luck to yours. Now, i know that my problem is not my penis, the real problem for me was the wrong learning process I had made in my past.

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Someone, it´s difficult but not impossible. I´ve read stories about women with men in wheelchair and no erection. They need dispositives in order to having sex.

In another cases, men with micropenis are in pair with women who have small vagina. Also, I´ve read a woman with a micropenis pair because she is confortable with it´s size.

I really believe that with so many women in this world, one can accept a man with micropenis. But it´s really a hard way. Normally, men needs a long time to find his pair.

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Guest RandomDude

Well, I want to say bye to everypeople on this forum. I´ve had SPS, but I want to overcome it. Good luck guys!

The right choice bro. If your still young you need to get out there and l_i_v_e. Dont wallow in bogus studies, youtube bullshit, and other random internet slime.

Wishing you all the best. :)

(And Im probably not going to be back here for a while either, btw!)

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