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Hello again

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I've posted before but t doesn't seem to have shown up. I'll try again. I'm 28 with aspergers. My wife lest me a year ago and took my car costing me a job. I'm in a potentially toxic or anusive relationship and stuck until I can get a car, my mother and grandparents died of suicide. Im really feeling anxious and unhappy and I feel like I cannot talk to anyone. I need help or at least to talk to someone until I can afford counciling. I'm unsettled.

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Welcome to the community, Becomingwater. I apologize for the delay of your posts being visible. Initial posts have to be approved by a moderator.

You have been through a lot. I'm sorry for your losses and your current struggles. :( It's difficult to feel alone during challenging times. You can always express yourself here if it helps.

Are you able to save money toward buying a car? What helps when you feel anxious? Have you tried deep breathing or mediation or any other relaxation techniques?

I hope things improve and you feel better soon. Take care.

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Hi! I'm sorry that you had to go through so much. It makes having a mental disorder so much harder. My dad was an alcoholic and my mom had anger problems. So, I when I was diagnosed with bipolar depression I started blaming it on having a bad home life growing up, even though thats not true. But yeah. I found myself always envying other people who did have a good home life, and just wishing for it all the time. I copied people thinking that I was messed up and they were 'normal'. I have recently embraced who I am. And I'm happy about that.

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