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One and Only One Good Thing of Me Having Small Penis


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I am new here and as I have said I am extremely lucky to have found someone to marry me small penis and all and we have been married 25 years yet every day I fear she will leave and I will be shit out of luck in ever finding love again.

Anyway there is one good thing that came from me having such a small weiner. Many years ago I got emotionally involved with a coworker. I never saw myself as the kind of guy to have an affair but all of a sudden one day myself and this gal embraced in a passionate kiss and we did that many times over the course of a couple months. I remember just getting so turned on by the passion of this new woman.

So one night we wound up alone in a house.....We made out like crazy and I felt her up but we did not have sex. I could have had her right then and there but I stopped everything. I said that I just can't go through with it kind of under the guise of not wanted to cheat on my wife by fucking another woman when in reality the only reason I did not fuck her is because I didn't want her to see my dick. I thought of the terrible consequences if it ever got out to the other girls in the department. It would have been the worst humiliation on earth. So this little affair of the heart ending without being a full blown fucking affair all because of my little guy down there and I thank him for that.

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And one thing you know for sure if you are a guy with a small penis and have a bad break up.......Everyone is going to know about your small penis. That will preceed your title in all conversations about you to her girlfriends....."That needle dick mother fucking asshole." If my wife and I ever break up I know she'd be doing that.

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