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Why isn't this Subject Ever Discussed on TV?


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With the multitude of talk shows out there I wonder why the subject of our delimma is never dicussed on any television talk show. While our problem can be openly joked about on the tube as I saw a scene on a sitcom recently where a woman joked that her date had a "Gerkin" as in one of those little dill pickles. Of course the laugh track went off the charts and the implication was that this guy because of his shortcoming was a worthless date not to be repeated. Yea I really thought that was funny.

I mean all of us who suffer obviously know that people have most definately killed themselves over having a small cock. Why is this subject so tough to breach? Is it because as men we are supposed to suck it up?

It's just so crazy that anything that shames any female body part is talked about and must be stopped, yet small penis shamming is just accepted and no one mentions the horrible harm it causes those effected.

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