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This sucks.


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It sucks working hard only to get laughed at and ignored.Getting dismissed by others who havn't even spent the time to make an attempt, but somehow believe they know better. They take the easy route and the high road at the same time. They get all the respect and attention.

When no one understands how you think, willingly giving up your power, to provoke them secretly.

It sucks when you realize that you are completely alone.That every step of the way, you will be belittled and misunderstood. That they will not care to help or listen, until you have taken the most lonely path to success.

In a hostile environment, surrounded by aliens, clowns and whores. In a purposely constructed playgound, the whores are put on a pedestal and believe they are finally free. They consume everthing they can, like the true blood sucking vampires they are. Sexually enticing you to look at them, then biting into your soul for believing them. Surrounded by clowns who think they are savvy, by making diseased money to unnaturally chase after whores who kill their souls. With the clowns and whores distracted, the aliens are laughing, the matrix has made them rich.

Using one of the most effective strategies, they made war with humanity; by dividing us apart and making us hate eachother. We have forgotten who we are. We buy into all of their addictive drugs in a false attempt to escape it.

But some of us are working on remembering who we really are. Our true souls. We are taking back our power, step by step. We are relearning what was once obvious and natural. We are breaking our addictions. We are going to get rid the aliens and fix the world.

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