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Has anyone gone to therapy for SPS? I am seeing a therapist in May and am worried about approaching this subject. I have seen therapists before and they can't understand why I am not in a relationship. I also don't want to waste our time and my money if I am too scared to be 100% honest. I am worried he would be laughing at me in his head and that he would go tell his buddies while drinking beers. Has anyone been able to have successful therapy to help with the combo of SPS/depression/suicidal thoughts?

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I would encourage you to go StillHere because it sounds like something you want to do. If after a session or two or feel comfortable enough you can speak your mind and a lot of times that alone will at least help you put it in some perspective.

I worked in administrative support for 9 years for a Behavioral Health group and I never once heard one joke or mocking a client in anyway and includes times of social drinking. Reputation is everything to those folks and a hint of that shit would ruin their practice. They literally live off of referrals.

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I wish I knew what land over the rainbow some of you come from because it sounds like a wonderful place.

And it isn't a neurosis if you have a genuinely small one, therefore it's acceptable to laugh and make fun of "that guy".

but klingsor, like victim mentioned, a therapist's reputation is everything; if he/she gets a bad reputation, he/she is finished.

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In my opinion, the facts that you need when you are seeing a therapist:

1. Be honest. Tell him/she all that it is in your mind. It´s important not to lie or not to say incomplete information. Why? The therapist don´t judge you. And with 30-45 min in every session, you need a feedback in order to know if the therapist had experience or not in your problem.

2. It´s a good idea to have an organization about what you want to tell. It´s impossible at the first session tell everything. But, at least, the most important issues. Because, sometimes the conversation focus in only one aspect, and when you realise that the time is over, you will go to your house with a bad mood.

I wrote this about my personal experience. I think that my therapist had no experience with my issue. Why I think so? I consider that I have dismorphia, and the therapist (I have 10 sessions) had given no treatment about that, only "stupid" conversation and bad tips. I suppose that, if people with for example, a car accident and a broken spine can continue with their lives, is because the good professional team, especially in mental support. All the efforts about therapy was by me...but, at least, I´m going to another therapist.

So, good luck. Please, try to tell everything (without same), and, perhaps, with ten sessions, you will have an opinion about your therapist experience in your treatment.

(I hope that you can understand this, English is not my lenguage and I have a lot of problems with it, if something is not clear tell me and I can try to improve this opinion)

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